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Red Ribbon Istanbul

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Red Ribbon Istanbul is a “civil society organization” that aims to raise awareness and provide information on HIV to be shared, focusing mainly on people living in İstanbul in various segments of the population.

We strongly believe that the most effective tool to prevent the spread of HIV is the knowledge that is scientifically proven and data-supported. With the know-how of our members, who come from various fields, including law, health, entertainment, and politics, we aim to provide precise information about HIV to all segments of society. We aim to communicate scientifically-grounded HIV-related information to all parts of society, using clear and easy-to-understand language.

With the awareness that information is the most effective method of protection, by eliminating all the complicating factors between the individual who needs information and information, to contribute to the goal of a conscious, prudent and healthy society and the future at a high level, and respected congresses, conferences, platforms at all levels all over the world. , working group etc. With its representation, it aims to make Turkey an important and respected part of the international HIV studies agenda.

- Red Ribbon Istanbul Vision

With its high awareness and representation in the international arena,Turkey's most reliable non-governmental organization in the field of HIV studiesbe.

- Red Ribbon Istanbul Mvision

To contribute to prevention awareness by disseminating scientifically proven and useful HIV information through awareness campaigns for target audiences.

To produce and disseminate basic information that makes life easier for HIV-positive individuals who are or are not receiving treatment.

Culture, art and entertainment activities that will bring HIV knowledge into the perceptions/interests of different segments of social life, which are handled at the taboo level.High level of contribution to normalization of HIV phenomenonto ensure.

- Values that make Red Ribbon Istanbul different

Beneficialwith ideas and projects,
Trustworthy generate information and
Responsiblecomplete with behavior.

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