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The Civil Society has the answer!

Sivil Toplum HIV Konferansı #HIV2022İstanbul

#HIV2022İstanbul is the second edition of the Project Civil Society HIV Conference took place in 2021 for the first time in Türkiye’s history in struggling with HIV. 


Red Ribbon Istanbul, as the NGO with the highest international cooperation, project partnership and visibility among all the actors in the field, after the congresses of physicians' organizations held at the national level for years, it is necessary to ensure that sufficient institutional capacity/joint capacity/maturity for a congress organized entirely by civil society, which has many examples in the world. With the thought that the need has arisen, the first Civil Society HIV Conference in Turkey's nearly 40-year history of struggle with HIV was organized in 2021 and successfully implemented. 

The theme of the year #HIV2022Istanbul is stated as #CivilSocietyHasTheAnswer.

The agenda and speaker list of the Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022Istanbul, which will be held for the 2nd time with the theme #CivilSocietHasTheAnswer in Istanbul (Ataköy Sheraton Hotel) and online between 4 - 6 November, is on here. Announcements, and updates are on social media. Stay tuned for updates: @redibbontr 

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