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Purpose of the Conference

The aims of the Civil Society HIV Conference are, in the broadest framework, the HIV civil society of Turkey;

  • Seeing that it is ready to respond to the HIV phenomenon as a whole with a common understanding,

  • Establishing a broad discussion and cooperation ground in order to create its own common strategy in line with the 95-95-95 goals,

  • Developing strategies that will shape the operations of HIV civil society towards finding solutions,

  • Expanding the production of social HIV science across the country, especially by encouraging the NGOs working indirectly and operating in local areas to make measurements focusing on social issues and problem areas,  

  • By opening the conference to international participation, increasing the international visibility of the Turkish HIV civil society as a whole by several levels,

  • To convey the success story of HIV civil society to all stakeholders, especially the public, in the best way possible, by being an example for different problem areas with the image of unity at the national level,

  • It can be summarized as revealing and realizing Turkey's potential to become an exemplary and reference country in its region by ensuring the participation of non-governmental organizations in neighboring and/or neighboring countries (Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, etc.). 

With the SMART targets determined for these purposes, a report will be prepared from the congress project, these reports will be shared with both participants, donors and the public, and in this way, new evidence-based activism arguments will be developed and advocacy opportunities will be created to shape new public policies regarding HIV.

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